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Urinal Sanitisers, Urinal Caps and Urinal Water Management help stop the buildup of hard water and uric acid in urinals.  This can therefore produce a breeding ground for bacteria and consequently resulting in malodour and blocked pipework.  Gecko Hygiene supply Urinal Sanitisers, Urinal Caps and Urinal Water Management in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.


Urinal Sanitisers
Urinals Our urinal sanitiser prevents the build up of hard water scale, uric scale, bacterial growth and therefore malodour in urinals and associated pipe work. Firstly the sanitiser uses a high-performance, environmentally friendly biodegradable fluid to breakdown the build up. Finally a fresh fragrance in the urinals gives additional  evidence of the sanitiser in action.
Urinal Caps
The Urinal Caps friendly bacteria keeps the pipework flowing whilst removing malodour. Furthermore another benefit is it stops debris from entering the urinals pipework. It retrofits existing flushable urinals without the need for tools or re-plumbing.

Each cap lasts an average of 30 days.

Available on contract or as a direct sale.


Urinal Water Management
Urinals Urinal Water Management “Saves Water & Saves Money” in commercial buildings.  One of the most wasteful uses of water is the constant flushing of urinals. The urinal water management controller offers a solution to this waste of water and money.

The average urinal flushes about 3 times per hour, 24 hours per day using a gallon of water per flush. Our urinal water management can save you up to 70%, as a result a reduction in your water usage from 72 to 24 gallons of water per day.

First of all it is mounted on the pipe which runs to the urinal reservoir and then sets the fill times and operating frequency, resulting in a reduction in flushing water & sewerage charges.


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