Nursing Home Waste Disposal

Nursing Home Waste Disposal. Tailored for the needs and requirements of residential nursing homes, care homes, respite centres, mental health facilities and day care centres. Covering a number of different types of waste including incontinence pads and swab and dressing waste. We can arrange a regular collection schedule that’s convenient for you.  Where volumes are low we provide a call up service for less frequent collections as required. Waste Transfer Notes are provided free of charge on all collections, so helping with your compliance of all regulatory controls relating to the management of offensive waste.

We can provide a 240lt, 770lt or 1100lt Yellow Waste Wheelie Bins for larger quantities of nappies and incontinence pads. All yellow tiger stripe sacks are supplied free with all our wheelie bin contracts.  All our Yellow Wheelie Bins units come fitted with locks so contents are securely stored.
Care Home Waste Disposal, Clinical Waste, Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Clinical Waste Sacks, Washroom Services around Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath Used for disposal of non-infectious but offensive hygiene waste, that is not normally considered clinical. But still requiring appropriate marking for correct handling and disposal procedures.

If your Nursing Home Waste Disposal contract is due to end contact us for a free site survey and quotation.  If it is not due yet just add the due date to our contact form and we will call you closer to that date. This is so your contract will not automatically roll over with your current supplier.