Soaps & Paper Hand Towels

The simple act of washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water or with hand sanitizing gel, is the single most effective way of preventing the spread of bacteria. Gecko Hygiene can supply you with all your Soaps & Paper Hand Towels in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.



Gecko Hygiene’s robust lockable 1lt soap dispenser with push button dispersal are designed for use in even the busiest washrooms.  The large capacity direct fill soap chamber can be easily topped up, so never needing to run out. It can be used with any of our range of liquid soaps: – Bactericidal, Pink or Hand Sanitizing Gel.  See below for soap options.

hand_2[1]Warm Air Hand Dryer. This stylish hand dryer has an automatic sensor for fast non-touch drying, so cuts out any cross-contamination. Made with a metal case for robustness. Installed by a qualified electrician and guaranteed for the length of the contract.
hand_3[1]Paper Hand Towels. Individual absorbent c-fold paper hand towels in either 1 or 2 ply. Ideal for all washrooms as each dispenser holds up to 200 paper towels, keeping them both clean and dry. Economical in use as one towel dispensed at a time. See below for paper options.
hand_4[1]Centrefeed Rolls. Clean and dry paper is dispensed through the bottom of this stylish dispenser. Perforation allows you to use as much or as little of the strong and absorbent paper as is needed. See below for options.


soap_1[1]Bactericidal Liquid Soap is designed to clean and sanitize hands in one operation, suitable for use in food preparation and production areas. Available in 5lt containers to top up dispensers as needed.
 soap_2[1]A quality, high viscosity, pearlised hand soap. A mild effective formulation to remove light to medium soil. With added emollient to leave hands feeling smooth and conditioned. Colour coded pink with a subtle perfume which leaves a delicate residual fragrance. Ideal for toilet and washroom areas.
soap_3[1]A clear alcohol based unperfumed hand sanitizer. Our alcohol sanitizer gel is economical in use and one pump will be sufficient to sanitise hands. The waterless hand cleaner is a gel designed to melt quickly on the hands and spread across a wide surface area for economy.

 Paper Hand Drying

paper_1[1]1 Ply Green Heavy Duty C-fold paper hand towels, very economic and hygienic in use and are ideal for busy washrooms where cost is of an issue, while still providing a hand drying facility. Each towel is folded like a ‘C’ and stays flush in the dispenser where a new towel is dispensed each time, which eliminates waste. User only touches the one towel to dry their hands with, therefore fewer germs are spread.
paper_2[1]Luxury soft white 2 ply C-fold paper hand towels are ideal where a touch of quality is needed while still providing C-fold value. Completely dry your hands in a few seconds with the 2 ply white c-fold paper hand towels. Only one towel is dispensed at a time, minimising risk of spreading germs onto other towels
paper_3[1]2 Ply Embossed centrefeed rolls, Centrefeed rolls are cost effective and efficient for general wiping purposes, soft, absorbent, strong, perforated roll, for easy tearing, also available in white. We also sell mini centrefeed rolls.