Air Freshening


Bad smelling washrooms and poor hygiene could seriously affect your organisation. Not only can staff become ill but also customers and visitors could see a restaurant or a business as dirty and uncaring. Let us help you achieve a hygienic work environment with our Serviced Air Freshening within all Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.


AirFreshener Gecko Hygiene’s programmable Serviced Air Freshening are designed to disperse fragrance at regular intervals, keeping your washrooms, changing rooms, reception areas and offices odour free 24 hours a day.Our service includes installation and regular replacement of the cans for reliable uninterrupted odour control.


 Serviced Air Freshening Gecko Hygiene’s programmable Serviced Air Freshening is also available in a Chrome Finish.


Fragrances for our Serviced Air Freshening


 Ripe Sliced Lime and Lemon Isolated on White Background Citrus: A sharp shot of citrus zest, delivering a punchy hit of refreshing citrus flavours to washrooms and problem fragrance areas.
 Micro-Summer-Fresh[1]  Summer Fresh: A light fruity fragrance incorporating orange, grapefruit and the zest of lemons.  Ideal for female washrooms and reception areas.
 Classic-Baby-Powder[1]  Baby Powder:  Is a fresh clean fragrance, delivering the scent of light talc. Ideal for washrooms, nappy changing areas and health care areas.
 Classic-Freshly-Cut-Grass[1]  Freshly Cut Grass:  An evocative fragrance bring back memories of freshly cut grass on a summers day.  Ideal for both male and female washrooms and receptions.
 Classic-F-Island-Mango-2-WEB[1]  Mango: An intense mouth-watering fruity mango fragrance that delivers a high level of intensity. This fragrance was developed to deliver juicy tropical mango fragrancing into washrooms and problem fragrance areas.
 yellow lemon  Lemon Fresh: An intense fragrance, combining ripe lemon zest and with powerful clean citrus notes.  Ideal for both male and female washrooms, sports facilities and health care.
 Classic-F-Vanilla-2-WEB[1]  Vanilla:  Delivers a carm sweet creamy scent, with a hint of vanilla pods.  Ideal for washrooms, receptions and retail areas.
 tangerine w clipping path  Clementine:  A fragrance balancing mouth watering oranges with sweet clementines.  Ideal for receptions, washrooms, health care, sports facilities and retail areas.
 Classic-Fresh-Linen[1]  Fresh Linen: A fragrance reminiscent of fresh clean linen of a summers day.  Ideal for health care and washrooms.
If your Serviced Air Freshening contract with your existing supplier is due to end soon contact us for a free no obligation site survey and quotation, or if it is not due yet add the due date to our contact form and we will contact you closer to that date so your contract is not automatically rolled over with your current supplier.